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[Recruiting test models]


We are looking for a "test model" to cooperate with the test shooting of new equipment, the first studio, the first location, etc.

The outline is described below. Please feel free to contact us after considering it.


<Test model recruitment / overview>

・ The type of instrument does not matter.

** If you are a pianist, please understand that it is difficult to shoot with the piano.

・ "Reward" is not possible, but "transportation expenses" will be paid at actual cost.

​ ・ Those who live within 1 hour to the city center

​ ・ All captured images will be given. Of course, feel free to use it.

・ Although not at any time, we will shoot according to the schedule with the people who cooperate.

・ Although it depends on the content, the shooting time is generally within 2 hours.

​ ・ The captured images will be used for advertising and event announcements.

For inquiries and applications, please click the button below.

** The mail app will start

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