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2022 / Autumn
Artist image photography
​ Limited time offer
Special price service


[Special price service for a limited time]
'22 ​9 / 1 ~ 11/30 Applicants ** Limited
** This time, it will be limited to those who apply for the first time

[Why is it an image photograph? ]


The image is very important to the artist.

The person who finds you for the first time determines your image, isn't it?

Therefore, your photos that you publish to the public cannot be "ordinary" or "safe".

​ "Image photography" that fully expresses your individuality is the first mission to appeal to you.

​ It's a good season From now on, the range of shooting will be the widest!

[About shooting fee]

The regular price is ...

・ Basic shooting fee ・ ・ ・ 10,000 yen

・ Business trip expenses ・ ・ ・ Actual expenses billing


The total charge will be 10,000 yen or more, but ...

Basic shooting fee

3,000 yen

(However, travel expenses are charged at the actual cost)

[Other details]

・ The number of shooting cuts is 300 to 500.

・ The number of delivery cuts is around 100

・ Delivery is by online album

・ We also accept corrections

​ ・ It is expected to take about one week to deliver.

​ ・ Location and schedule will be decided by consultation.

​ ・ It is also possible to shoot movies and monochrome film.

​ ・ The photos taken may be used for the next year's advertisement.

[Artist image photo sample]

[Why artists need image photos]

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