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OPA312 代表・とまるおさむ
Tomaru Osamu
(Stop Osamu)

****************************************************** ***********


・ March 1991 Kunitachi Music Academy   Graduated from the tuning department

・ March 1991 Joined Kashiwa Aoba Musical Instruments Co., Ltd., Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture.


Employed as a tuner. At the same time, he is also in charge of taking photos of the company's recital.

In addition, undertake photography for presentations at many music classes.


・ March 1994 Joined Kagoshima City Matsuda Piano Co., Ltd. Chief of Engineering Department


・ April 1997 Independent opening Office Piano Artec 312 Representative


****************************************************** ***********

・ I love DIAPASON and OHHASHI piano from the bottom of my heart.

・ Favorite pianist

William Kapell

Andre Gagnon

・ Other than that, gardening. Mainly fruit cultivation.

・ My hobby is trekking.

Hakuba Village, Nagano Prefecture is the main field.

I love the Northern Alps.
・ A little railroad enthusiast

・ Currently, I do not participate in races, but as training

We go to Mt. Hakone, Mt. Daikanzan, Mt. Oyama Yabitsu Pass, etc.

Be sure to watch the New Year's Hakone Ekiden in Hakone.

Of course, hill climb on a road bike

・ I love watching cycle road races ♪

He is also a big fan of Belgian Tom Boonen.

Also, although I have retired, Spanish player Jose Rubiera

I have great respect as a sportsman.

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