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[Shooting results]


Until now, we have received photography requests from many classrooms, artists, and related companies.


<Music Class / Artist> (honorific title omitted)


・ Yotsukaido City: Mysterious tone music class

・ Kasukabe City & Saitama City: Otsuka Conservatory

・ Nerima Ward: Emi's Music Class

・ Iruma City: Staff Music Class

・ Minato Ward: Harmony Studio

・ Shibuya Ward: Myu Juku

・ Shibuya Ward: Music House Naada

・ Shibuya Ward: Sachiko Sato Violin Class

・ Shibuya Ward: Magico Music School

・ Shibuya Ward: Ichikawa Violin Class

・ Suginami Ward: Saori Kaneko Piano Class

・ Nakano Ward: Shinobue no Kai

・ Shinjuku Ward: Kaori Hayashi Piano Class

・ Abiko City: EKMC

・ Joso City: Freude School of Music

・ Kawaguchi City: Boston House Music Class

・ Yachiyo City: Fujii Music School

・ Chigasaki City: Naito Music School

・ Chigasaki City: Yoshida Music School

・ Chigasaki City: Konopiano Music School

​ ・ Chigasaki City: Sound Tree Music Class

​ ・ Chigasaki City: Ota Piano School

・ Ebina City: Miho Hotta Music Class

・ Yokosuka City: Yokosuka Musashi no Kai

​ ・ Kawasaki City: Overtone Voice Method

・ Yokohama City: Kawashima Music School

・ Yokohama City: Nihei Piano Music Class

・ Yokohama City: Azamino Piano Class Rhythm Garden

・ Fujisawa City: Matsui Music School

・ Fujisawa City: Aoki Violin Class

・ Fujisawa City: Chiwa Yamada Music School

・ Higashikurume City: Yamazaki Music School

・ Nishitokyo City: Noriko Itakura Piano Class

・ Yamato City: Ishii Music School

・ Odawara City: Dolce Association

・ Adachi-ku: Andante Conservatory

・ Melody line

・ Leader's meeting


​​ ・ Piano trio: Tokyo trio (CD jacket shooting)

・ Chamber music trio Nouvelle Sonorite

・ Pianist: Kazuro Oi (CD jacket shooting)

・ Pianist: Kana Watanabe

・ Pianist: Megumi Kaneko

・ Pianist: Kazumitsu Nakajima

・ Pianist: Maruyama     Kaoru

​ ・ Pianist: Mario Iwai (CD jacket shooting)

・ Pianist ・ Conductor: Tatsuya Nagashima (CD jacket shooting)

・ Pianist: Nyari Gura

・ Singer: Miyuki Nyari

・ Violinist ・ Conductor: Muneyoshi Takahashi (CD jacket shooting)

・ Cellist: Toru Kawakami (New Japan Philharmonic) (CD jacket shooting)




<Related companies> (honorific titles omitted)


・ Mysterious tone Co., Ltd.

・ Fantasy Resort Co., Ltd.

・ Acher Co., Ltd.

・ Emis Co., Ltd.

・ Erupa Co., Ltd.

・ Hawaiian Restaurant Loco's Kitchen

・ Free paper "Ufufu"

・ Accessory brand O'Keefe style

・ GM Art Grace Co., Ltd.

・ Sasazuka, Shibuya-ku: Blue-T (blue tea)

・ Saitama City: Goodies Cafe

・ Ishikura Co., Ltd. (shooting high school graduation album)

・ Certified management innovation support organization Komiyama Accounting Office

・ Carpenter Shindo

・ Mori Takusha Co., Ltd.

・ Kamakura City Interior Shop "Keion-Tsunenari-"


In addition, he took a lot of pictures of esthetic salons, osteopathic clinics, freelance writers, etc.






Everyone has a certain amount of "anxiety" when making their first request, and it seems that they need courage.


However, accumulating such achievements

We are proud that it is a proof that we have earned the trust and trust of all of you.



It doesn't matter how small it is.

If you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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